Breaking Tradition With Jeet Kune Do

     We try so hard to create healthy and break unhealthy habits. These lifestyle habits range from eating junk food to working out more. What about habits that become a part of not just our lives but the collective community? When habits become a part of our culture we start to call them traditions. Traditions can be the base of family, food, communication, and especially our self-care.

     One of the longest running forms of tradition in our self-care is the way we as a people group take care of our bodies, defend ourselves, and defend others. These different reasons help form the term martial arts. Bruce Lee lived and breathed martial arts from childhood all the way to showing that off on the movie screen. His passion was vibrant and his knowledge was vast. From his years of training however, one consistent hold up seemed to stick with him: tradition.

     His heart for Jeet Kune Do was not to adhere to hundreds, or thousands of years of tradition, but to live fully. He saw dozens of styles and techniques from his training, and he decided to blend them together to train in the most efficient way possible. Lee was enamored by the idea of a pragmatic and efficient approach to being a holistic you. He saw tradition and instead of destroying it, disregarding it, or becoming a slave to it, he embraced it wholly and utilized it to create something more.

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