Choosing Daily Change With JKD

     Sometimes in life, all it takes for us to change the outlook of our day is to choose for that to be so. Sure, there are rough days that we cannot wait to come to an end, so we can wake up tomorrow with a fresh start. More so however, there are days that are well within our control to alter. Stopping in the moment however, can be difficult.

     Living life one certain way for years is pretty common. Having the same routine, the same drive to work, and the same number of sugars in your coffee is common. That same amount of consistency can pertain to negative aspects of one’s life as well. That’s where waking up in the moment and deciding to change is huge. How are changes abruptly added when it seems like there is too much going on? You need to find a structure that is so radically different to your current norm, that you have no choice but to change. Jeet Kune Do has done this exact shift for countless people. Bruce Lee set up a methodology that is such a paradigm shift from life’s norms. In what way could this take place?

     Implementing daily training and diet is just the start. Next thing you know you have a community and a healthy outlet. Months in, you love to do the things you used to hate. This is akin to being in the moment of running late for work and being super frustrated. You have to decide in that instant that your day will not be defined by mistakes but by your willingness to change. Either way however, the outcome of your day is up to no one but you.

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