Conditioning with Jeet Kune Do

     If you are like most people, then seeing friends or relatives post pictures on social media after they have finished running marathons exhausts you. In the everyday grind of life from work, bills, and family; where does one find the time to train for a marathon? That is a lot of continuous running with little to no breaks. Even thinking about running those, what seems like, 100 miles, is exhausting. How in the world does someone do it? Why would someone want to do that?

     There are a lot of answers to those questions, but the main one is in the thought of it all. Our bodies are machines. They take fuel and practice. The thought is what keeps the machine from completing the task. Any worker on the line at a food processing plant does not just randomly push buttons to meet their end goal. The body does not move without the thought or action behind it. The same goes with training to run a marathon. If your ability to be conditioned is not present, then your body is behind. If your body is behind, then that means your mind is even more behind. These are the key principles and drivers behind Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee instilled into the philosophy of living out a holistically conditioned life. That means mind AND body. It does not just happen overnight. Daily, weekly, and monthly training pushing through those distractions to build discipline is how you run farther than you think you ever could.

      That is how the marathon gets run. Lee ran a wonderful marathon throughout his life. His wrapped-up gift to the world was that Jeet Kune Do is just another way of saying: you are capable of more than you think you are. That 30 mile run might seem hard now, but you have what it takes. Lee showed that through the students he touches to this day who have had their lives transformed by the practice of JKD. You can do it too!

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