How is Jeet Kune Do effective for the maintenance of health?

JEET KUNE DO is one of the most advantageous sports from both; protection and health point of view. Like all the other sports, JEET KUNE DO provides a healthy body and mind. Not only physical health can be improved but mental health also improves because of this sport in the following ways.


JEET KUNE DO makes our body flexible. A flexible and elastic body can cope up with all the physical challenges of life and is healthier. The techniques like Stamp kick, Back fist and Kick sweep are quite essential to maintain the elasticity of the body.


JEET KUNE DO maintains the balance of body and a perfect shape. People who are unfamiliar with this sport experience an irregular body but those who are indulged in JEET KUNE DO have a strong and fine body.  All the body parts remain alert and active during the play, so does the ear. In this way, a person finds it easy to maintain internal equilibrium.


This sport helps to have an excellent homeostasis. It helps to maintain internal processes and functions. Moreover, players can easily cope up with their external environment as well because their body gets used to different situations and can manage with all of them for better homeostasis.


JEET KUNE DO helps to be mentally stable. Such people have good defensive power and their mental health is better than normal people. The players of this particular sport do not undergo depression and anxiety because unlike other sports JEET KUNE DO is a martial arts philosophy and it instills mental satisfaction in the mind and soul of a person who observes it on daily basis.


This game creates a sense of defense in the player. This defense is not just against an enemy but also against diseases. The immunity of the body increases when a player does high physical training.

Hence, JEET KUNE DO effectively helps to maintain a sound mind, body and soul.

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