How long does it take to learn Jeet Kune Do?

Since JEET KUNE DO is one of the most renowned and exceptional martial arts which is famous for changing lives and for providing an exceptional way to many people with which they can protect themselves from various calamities, learning it takes time and requires patience. Because the more substantial a particular thing is, the more difficult it gets to learn it. Continuous struggle and avowed aim can help you to learn JEET KUNE DO.


Institutions play a vital role in training people in such a way that they can learn the fundamental techniques of JEET KUNE DO. A student who is determined to learn this particular skill can learn the basic techniques and defense strategies in a few months. However, the learning process caries on since this is not just a sport; it’s actually a complete philosophy.


JEET KUNE DO requires great cardiovascular fitness and strength. A gym is necessary in order to maintain the fitness. Moreover, a person who takes care of his fitness learns better as compared to the one who does not go to the gym. Gym makes it easier to lean the combat ranges like trapping, grappling and kicking.


Students learn the techniques and styles of JEET KUNE DO more efficiently with the help of a personal instructor. Personalization helps to learn this sport easily. According to a study, it takes approximately two to three months to learn the basics of JKD with the aid of a personal trainer. The personal instructors look after the weak points and try to enhance the morale of a person, thus increasing time efficiency. Morale building plays a key role in order to make JEET KUNE DO experts.


Videos have been seen to reduce the learning process since a student watches a particular move several times and tries to copy it. The facility to pause the video helps to increase the concentration. One can learn many moves like kick; heck, retreat shuffle, punch and parrying in a few months through training, but it takes years to learn the advanced techniques. It is only possible with utmost devotion and consistency.

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