How to motivate yourself for JKD?

We face several people in our daily life. We must develop strength and firmness to cope up with the ups and downs of our life in a manly manner. This is the only way to reach the horizons. A person must prepare himself mentally as well as physically in order to deal with the shackles and barriers in his way.

JKD is a highly scientific approach to enhance the abilities of a person and to make him capable of dealing with opponents in combat but also possesses a philosophical aspect.

But the question arises, how can a person motivate and prompt oneself for JKD?


If you need to acquire ingenuity in Jeet Kune Do, you need to be humble. Show humility to your instructors, staff and fellow members in order to gain maximum knowledge and technical skills.


The key to motivate yourself is consistency. You need to remain present in the class listen to the advice by your instructor.   


You must give the best of yours so you may succeed. Participate in daily activities.  Train 4-5 day per week and make that commitment.  You will see life long results!


You must criticize yourself for doing something wrong. A person, who criticizes himself, is not criticized by people.  Work hard to analyze your workouts and their effects.


Remain in contact with your instructor and follow his or her commands. This will help you to reach your objective.


Try to ask maximum questions during the practice. A person, who asks more, learns more. In addition to this, questioning also creates a sense of confidence.


Always remember your aim. You must have BRUCE LEE and the elements of JKD in your mind. If a person can create this brilliant and unique martial art, the practitioner has a tremendous opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

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