Jeet Kune Do as The Underdog

In life, some say that there are winners and there are losers. Most of the time we attribute the winners to be those people who are bigger, stronger, and faster. Even evolutionists agree that the fittest usually survive. Maybe in life, you or your close friends feel like you lose a lot. Maybe you feel not as big as the guy across from you, or you are not as well equipped for victory as those around you. This notion simply is inaccurate.

Jeet Kune Do was dreamt up, crafted, and started by the legendary Bruce Lee. Most people know that Bruce Lee was a tall, huge man who towered over his competition, right? No, that is completely false. Some websites have Bruce Lee listed at barely 5’ 7” and around 140 lbs. He was no Brock Lesnar or Mike Tyson. Some might have called him diminutive, but that did not stop Lee.

What Lee created was a style of martial art that took account of the opponents’ height, weight, skill level, and weight. He did not dwell on it or shy away from it. Jeet Kune Do is built around the fact that it is universally and ridiculously practical. Winning is not the main goal. Achieving the necessary and utmost outcome is what is sought out. Lee recognized the hold-ups of certain peoples’ stature, much like himself, and took skills from all styles to build a defensive system of holistic engagement in response. Just because you may be the underdog does NOT mean you are at a disadvantage.

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