Jeet Kune Do- Not A Sport

When someone says sports, what comes to mind? The great American classics like baseball and football are sports of course. You might even love the world favorite of soccer for your sport. There are even combat-based sports like mixed martial arts and boxing. Jeet Kune Do however, is none of the above.

What makes something a sport? Well, the Oxford dictionary defines a sport as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” JKD (Jeet Kune Do) is NOT for entertainment. It is also not a team activity that you can run around in the park with your buddies to just practice. An accurate coined nickname for boxing is “the sweet science”. Boxing itself is a masterful art that requires focus, training, extreme conditioning, a strong chin, and so much more. JKD is this and more. JKD is also not in the vain of bashing other forms of art, but it is set apart from two men or teams competing for a win in a ring or field.

JKD is not for a crowd of spectators oohing and ahhing after getting tickets and popcorn. What JKD is about guarding your body or someone else’s, and living a purposeful, healthy life. JKD is a lifestyle. It is a holistic approach to wellness, fitness, mental stability, and self-protection. So if you call that a sport for yourself, then go ahead and try and score or win.

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