Kicking Habits with Jeet Kune Do

How strong are habits? How powerful are the current habits that you have in place in your life? They might be stronger than you think. There is a morning routine that most people fall under. Most people sleep on the same side of the bed, take the same steps to the bathroom, brush their teeth a certain way, and then eat a similar breakfast. Why does this matter?

Those same habits that build up our life can also be destructive habits that tear down our life. Striving to be healthy in such a lackadaisical culture can be difficult no doubt. It is so much easier to not work out, eat unhealthy, and not be active. That is what Jeet Kune Do strives to overcome.

When Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do, he was not venturing out to make money or to start a company. Lee saw that being hounded by certain fighting styles hindered our oneness with self protection. Lee wanted to break the bonds that were in place. Lee recognized that at the heart of defending oneself in the midst of chaos, meant not being bogged down by rules or tradition. He broke the mold.

There are thousands and thousands across the country that know they want to step out into being healthier. Out of all of those people, they know they need to break unhealthy habits of their old selves. Jeet Kune Do was literally birthed out of the direct idea of breaking apart habits and crafting the RIGHT way of doing things. For an individual searching for a perfect outlet of new habits, what better place than here?

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