Overcoming Circumstance in JKD

     Have you ever had a bad day at work? Did your boss yell at you, did you get a bad parking spot, or was a customer rude to you? Now have you ever taken that frustration out of the workplace and into a conversation with a loved one? Maybe something they said sparked something from earlier in the day in a negative way.

     Jeet Kune Do recognizes this trait and embraces it. In the midst of this philosophy being popularized, it also became known that it came from a deep place of thought. This intentional thought takes into account all of the factors of the person behind the legs or fists. Every piece of our day, our makeup, and our influences have an effect on how we respond to situations. This is no different than in the midst of an argument or altercation. What you are carrying with you can ultimately distract you. This is why the founder, Bruce Lee, pushed so heavily for JKD to not stop once you leave the gym. Lee wanted it to be an all day mindset.

     So if all the anger and frustration you carry with you can eventually lead to you not being able to keep your cool, protect yourself, or others, then what good is it doing? JKD encourages release and to be malleable, regardless of outside circumstance. The beauty of it is that the only person with the power to let it go is you. Choose to not be held back.

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