Principles of Jeet Kune Do

Since Jeet Kune Do is an art of physical strength as well as the strategies, it requires the right step at the right time to win against your opponent. Therefore, it has some principles and strategies which would lead to combat success if followed properly.

Straight Blast:

This hit is the most effective one if followed using its real techniques. It says that the player must hold his fist slightly out to reach closest to the target and the punch should be thrown straight into the target. Throughout the aim, the punch should be held loosely and only tightened upon impact. This gives maximum speed and accuracy to the attacker.

Stop hits:

JKD professionals believe that it is the most difficult defensive skill to develop.

This strategy combines three elements which are known as “Economy of Motion”. It explains how to attack the target on his preparation of attack. For this, one should have “efficiency”, to attack in the least amount of time with maximum force, “directness” and “simplicity” to not to alert the opponent.

Avoid High Kicks:

This concept says that the player must maintain his kicks at lower section particularly to opponent’s thighs, knees, ankles and midsection, therefore, avoiding high kicks. It gives more efficiency and directness as these parts are most difficult to defend and easiest to approach.

Non-telegraphic Movement:

Your opponent should never know your next move. So throughout the fight, keep your body and attacking part loose, moving it slowly, slightly and only strengthen it when it is closest to the target. This will remain your enemy unstable and defenseless.

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