The First Strike of Jeet Kune Do

   So imagine that you’re planning out a road trip for you and your family. Right in front of you is this huge map that has the lay of the land between you and your 3-4 hour away destination. Roads take you all over the place until you finally arrive. The only problem is that your destination is not 3-4 hours away if you drove “straight there”. If you drew a line between your home and that summer beach spot, it would actually only take you half the time to get there. Sometimes in life we can’t just drive in straight lines somewhere, and other times, we can.

     Jeet Kune Do is one of those areas of life where we are welcomed and encouraged to draw that straight line to our destination. It is not easy, but some of the most detrimental actions in life are not to begin with. If an altercation arises where you are protecting yourself or another individual, that straight line insures a quick and speedy conclusion. The vulnerable parts of the body, as aforementioned, are the correct first steps on neutralizing and opponent. So what are those?     

You are allowed and should realize that in the protection of your own and/or someone else’s life that fighting “dirty” is non-existent. You can go for the eyes or the groin. In addition, other areas of vulnerability are knees, shins, neck, chest, and even the sciatic nerve on one’s leg.

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