The Simplicity of Jeet Kune Do

Throughout life, our stories are made up of choices. There are crossroads where we can go left or right. In these moments we judge the difficulty of a situation, as well as our capability to achieve a certain outcome. Is this decision easy or hard? Is this challenge simple or complicated? And sometimes, the greatest outcomes for our lives can be achieved through adversity. All of that though, does not mean we cannot be strategic on the way there.

     That is where Jeet Kune Do comes in. There are so many fighting styles and martial arts in existence, so why Jeet Kune Do? Well, the answer is simple. No, literally simple. At most instances of grappling based fighting styles, you will be on the ground. At most instances of striking based fighting styles, you will get hit. So what is the most efficient way of ending the problem before it begins?

     If an assailant approaches you looking to hurt you, your goal is to end the situation as fast as possible. The way to force that resolution is to use one to three moves in as much time to incapacitate the opponent. In this economy of ration, you need to neutralize the opponent with whatever means necessary. There are no rules to protect your life, except the necessity to “win” the interaction. So be direct, act fast, and survive the encounter with as little exertion as possible. Utilizing well-timed strikes to an opponent’s vulnerable weaknesses does not just hurt them, it forces them to stop moving. It is not a conversation of brutality or crossing a line. Your life is worth so much more than being taken advantage of or seriously injured. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. Let it be simple.

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