Training Steps of Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is the art of expertise and not everyone can survive it easily. In order to achieve an expert level,  proper training is needed which takes time and strong determination.

Here are some basic training steps you need to mark as important:

Strengthen your muscles:

This is the first requirement to get into any sport career. Simple gym, healthy diet, protein intake and proper sleep cycles help strengthen your body muscles and burn fat making you fit and active. This step could take months but once you reach that level, you are then ready to start your career in Jeet Kune Do martial art.

Lead with your ruling foot:

Keep your dominant foot and particular body side, facing your enemy. Never put your anterior or back in front of your enemy as it exposes week body parts which are at high risk of attacking. Therefore, knowing your dominant foot is important which gives body defensive and confident position all the time.

Gear your hands:

Angle your arms in a way that your leading hand is at chin level slightly away from your body and other hand is at the level slightly lower and closer to the chin. Don’t give your fist a punching strength while positioning your body so that your opponent can’t clue your attack intention.

Time to attack:

After properly positioning your body it is time to attack but note this, you still need to maintain your body posture to remain stable at the ground. Move only your attacking part while keeping the rest of the body stable and tighten. This step needs muscular control over your body which asks for proper training. After the attack, get back to your leading position immediately.

No matter what technique you are going to choose, these four steps are fundamental in Jeet Kune Do.

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